Professional E-Liquid Flavor Concentrates

Concentrates add the all-important flavour that makes vaping so much fun. We have a huge array of flavours in our ranges including; fruits, cocktails, a range of tobaccos and everything in between.

    Our e liquid concentrate flavours are world renowned and are manufactured here in the UK by our team of expert flavorists. Due to popular demand you can now buy our biggest selling flavours to mix and blend your own juice!

    Foxy Vape flavour concentrates should only be used as part of an e-liquid product that is vaporised by electronic cigarettes.
    Dilute to suit user, we recommend mixing at a flavour ratio of between 3-7% for menthol flavours, 5-10% for tobacco flavours, 8-15% for fruits flavours as some flavours are stronger than others. Whilst some flavours will come through straight away others may need to be steeped for a period of time in order for the flavour to fully mature.
    Recommended steeping time for all DIY mixed juice is from 3 – 5 days. Please store liquids in a safe and dark space when steeping or not using them.

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