Nicotine EP/USP Grade 250 ML 7.2%

Nicotine EP/USP Grade 250 ML 7.2%

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7.2% Nicotine EP/USP Grade 250 ML

72mg nicotine concentrate solutions, for the production of e-liquids; our nicotine solutions make the best e-liquids in the market and can be vaped with all kinds of e-cigarettes (e-cigs).

The most odourless, tasteless & clear nicotine available, at the lowest prices. 72mg nicotine concentrate should be diluted by using PG, VG, when creating e-liquid.

Store in a cool place and keep away from anyone under the age of 18 Keep away from direct sunlight and store below 0°c For best results, store in a freezer!

Very toxic chemicals. Harmful if swallowed. Always wear protective eye wear, clothing and gloves.
Wash off skin immediately with soapy water.
Seek medical help if you feel unwell, clean up all spillages.
Must be diluted to a maximum of 20mg for e-liquids.
Do NOT vape neat

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