Max-VG E-Liquid

Max-VG E-Liquid is at least 80 percent VG and using as high of a concentration of VG as possible while still providing an e-juice that is flavorful, vapes well, and has minimal negative properties caused by high concentrations of VG.

If you use a low-powered device i.e. "Vape-Pen" or "Starter Kit", and the wattage is under 25w, Max-VG e-Juice is not for you. A "Regular Blend" will work much better in your device. Max-VG e-juice needs higher temperatures to get good flavor production.

Every one of our MaxVG e-juices is at least 80% VG and as high as 95% VG. We have adjusted the formula on each one individually to give you the best e-juice that we know how to make.