Strawberry Cheesecake E-Liquid

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Our sStrawberry Cheesecake flavour, perfectly accompanied by heavenly hints of cheesecake. Juicy strawberry and creamy cheesecake notes combine to bring a wonderfully sweet & fruity balance to this dessert vape!
When you vape this red fruit dessert e juice your mouth will fill up with the lush flavours of strawberries, sweet cream, vanilla and cheesecake. All these flavours combine to produce a taste-bud cake sensation. The crunchy biscuit base of the cheesecake underpins the main flavour of strawberry and secondary creamy vanilla flavour in a smooth and decadent vape experience. On exhale this dessert style flavour is just as strong and produces a sweet strawberry and cheesecake aroma with the exhaled vapour.
Rich and heavy, some vapers find this flavour a bit oppressive, in this case we’d recommend a version that features a sharp fruit pairing such as blueberry. For those who enjoy smooth blends try a version topped off with heavy cream. Working best when part of a higher VG eliquid, when vaped at higher wattages you’ll experience a creamier taste throughout; whereas low wattage vaping allows you to taste the crunchy depth of the biscuit.